Why Supertext?

We believe that A.I. will empower employees to do more creative work as automation augments mechanical work and makes life easier.

As an early stage startup, we quickly realized that scale was a problem shared by business of all sizes. Customer care executives don’t really care, back office tasks were repetitive and mundane.

We developed a tool to augment and automate human interactions in our own context that quickly evolved into our A.I platform – ChatClay.
We leveraged the tool to work closely with large e-commerce companies, sports media brands, insurance and fintech use cases to realize the exponential gain in engagement & productivity; putting us in a unique situation with insights from real world data powering our conversational virtual agents.

Powered by our proprietary A.I engine - ChatClay

  • Multi platform modularity - Deploy onto voice, text, messaging, website, IOT devices & VR platforms
  • Enterprise ready - Seamlessly integrate to existing enterprise datascources & tools
  • Conversational Analytics - Secure & scalable solution
  • High performance architecture built with support for scale, clustering and fail over with banking grade security and compliance